Look at our choice of mortgage lenders

In Ireland, there are many companies who are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland as a lender for mortgage loans. However, at Mortgage Advice, we only deal with those companies whom offer mortgages at the best interest rates on the Irish market. These five lenders with each of their logos displayed below reach our high standards of what mortgage products we recommend to our clients.


Dealing with a handful of dedicated lenders benefits you two fold. Firstly, as we only have links with five key lenders, it streamlines the mortgage process allowing for more brisk approval time frames so you can get that dream property without any unnecessary hold ups. The second and more important reason that we deal with the above institutions is due to them being among the best lenders in Ireland so you are assured of the best deal when you go through us for your mortgage.

Not only do we have great relationships with mortgage lender companies, we also offer a top level of service with regard to auctioneering services, life and general insurance for private and business, pensions and investments advice.